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Meet the beards! My inspiration behind this blog and an important part of my life.

Archie – Miniature Schnauzer (Born 1/2/06)

Archie Miniature SchnauzerI would probably describe Archie as the ‘love of my life’ (although don’t tell the OH that!). As my first dog, he came along at a difficult time in my life and has been there for me through thick and thin. He is a sensitive fellow, who loves nothing more than my full and undivided attention, as well as his cuddles; he is definitely a ‘mummy’s boy’!

Lola – Miniature Schnauzer (Born 27/9/07)

Lola Little LegsLittle legs as we call her in our house, Lola is a strong and independent little character. She takes no messing from the boys, and despite her small stature, commands respect from ‘her’ pack! True to her breeding we have found her to be an excellent catcher of rats, mice or anything else small that dares to get too close. She loves to be out and about, seeking out anything that might make a tasty snack.

Milo – Giant Schnauzer (Born 26/08/09)

Milo Giant Schnauzer I’m a mini lover through and through, but the OH was desperate for a ‘big, man dog’… cue Milo! Clumsy, boisterous, exceedingly clever and a real handful as a puppy; he was certainly a challenge. It didn’t take long for my heart to melt for him and I couldn’t ask for a more loyal, soft-ass dog. Someone needs to tell him he isn’t a miniature though as it’s not that comfortable when he comes to sit on your lap!

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