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Raw Diet Dog Treats

All of the Beardy Bunch dogs are on a raw diet.

I made the decision to move away from the dried kibble just over 3 years ago when we got Milo.  I’d been dabbling with a raw diet for the 2 little ones as a result of them generally not being overly well on any of the , but Milo’s breeder really advocated it so it seemed the right time to jump in with both feet!

For those of you not familiar with raw feeding (otherwise referred to as BARF – Bones And Raw Food) it basically means feeding your dog a diet that is a close to what it would expect to eat if in the wild.  I realise that at this point, those of you that like the convention and convenience of dried dog food, have your hands in the air?!  ”Dogs aren’t wild”, I hear you say.  And you would be right.  However dogs are animals, and when you start to explore their anatomy and how they process and utilise the food that we give them, you quickly realise that feeding them raw meat, offal, and raw bones – yes I said bones – is the best diet you can give them.

I’m not going to go into the details of how you go about feeding raw in this post (I’ll save that for another day when I have the time to cover it properly), but instead wanted to share a new treat I’ve bought for the dogs.  Venison Feet!  Some people are intrigued, others generally disgusted, but I was keen to give them a try.

I bought these ones from a company called Nurturing by Nature.  I’ve been really impressed with their raw food to date, so if you have a spare minute and fancy having a look at what they can offer I would recommend it.

These guys arrived frozen, and I thawed them slightly before letting the dog’s loose in the garden with them. They can have them frozen but I find that they smell a bit stronger and more appealing if they’re closer to room temperature. Both the little ones couldn’t wait to get their gnashers around them, it was just the big one that needed some encouragement (he can be the pickiest of the 3 when it comes to new things!) They were a fantastic treat, and they spent a good hour working on them. Nothing of these was left either, except a 3 inch shard of bone from each one, which was quite surprising as I wasn’t expecting them to eat the fur for some reason.

Although not for everyone, these treats were a real hit and will definitely be something I’ll be buying again!

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