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It Is About Time

So, here it is, my blog! It’s been something I’ve been thinking and talking about doing for a long time and I’ve actually managed to get off my backside to get it sorted.

With 3 mad Schnauzers in my life, there is never a dull moment! They can be frustrating, stubborn, challenging, funny, sweet, loving and above all really good fun; I couldn’t be without them. I wanted to write a blog to share some of our stories, photos and hopefully helpful posts to all dog (or animal) lovers out there as I trip my way through my life with my furry friends.

I hope that you’ll enjoy the journey with me.

  • Jean Pattenden

    Hi Nicola – what a fun site. Be pleased to share my news of life (life?) with four english springer spaniels. Blossom, Hannah,Harry and pupppy Susie.

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